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Learn How You Can Help CARD Foundation

Monetary Gifts

Gifts in the form of cash, checks and credit cards are always welcome and very much appreciated. Cash donations are deductible up to 50% of your adjusted gross income for the tax year and as the simplest form of support, your gift of monetary support can be put to use immediately to directly help the patients of CARD. You can also donate directly online via our PayPal link below.

Shopping and Surfing

Did you know that just by browsing the internet or shopping at your favorite online stores you can donate to the CARD Foundation? Just by clicking one of the links below, a percentage will be donated back to CARD at no expense to you!

Amazon Shopping
By clicking on our Amazon link below, you will be supporting CARD by doing the shopping you normally do. You buy the things you need and the CARD Foundation gets a small percentage of your sales - and here is the kicker' - this costs you nothing! Amazon doesn't charge you any extra fees and you won't even notice the difference. The benefit is you will be helping CARD everytime you shop on Amazon. Shop on Amazon to Support Card

GoodSearch & GoodShop
Browse the internet and shop many different sites using our and link below. Once again, this costs you nothing, but proceeds of your shopping and searching via this link will help benefit the CARD Foundation and CARD Clinic! Support CARD Foundation with

Tribute Gifts (Honor/Memorial gifts)

Donors can give a Tribute gift to the CARD Foundation as meaningful way to appreciate someone special. Recognize an accomplishment of a friend or family member with an honor gift, or remember the life of a loved one with a memorial gift. CARD will acknowledge each tribute gift with a card sent to the person or family of the person, in whose name the gift was given. As the donor, you will also receive an acknowledgement as all gifts to the CARD Foundation are tax-deductible.

Matching Gifts

Before giving to the CARD Foundation, please check with your employer regarding matching gifts. Many employers will match their employee's and/or retirees' gifts to non-profit organizations - allowing your gift to go twice as far.
You can find out more by asking your Human Resources department if they offer such programs and how to obtain the appropriate forms. If you are giving online, you can forward your gift receipt along with the following information:
214 E. 3rd Street
Libby MT 59923
Tax ID #: 26-3377448

Planned Gifts

Donors have the opportunity to include CARD in their estate and financial plans. Planned/estate gifts may offer tax and income advantages to donors, while at the same time directly benefiting CARD. Types of planned gifts may include personal property, stocks, bonds, or mutual funds shares


The most common type of "planned gifts" are bequest provisions in a will, or charitable designations in a revocable living trust. A bequest is very appropriate if you wish to retain control of your property during life, while still providing a wonderful gift and a lasting legacy for continued support for CARD.

In-Kind Gifts

An additional way to support CARD is through the donation of items such as office supplies, furnishings (desks, waiting room chairs, art, etc.), or office equipment. For more information about items that CARD is in need of or to find out more information about tax-deductible in-kind contributions, please call the CARD Foundation office at 406-293-9274, ext. 32.